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Hi, this is David. I spend my days making Christian music videos of my favorite Christian songs from the ’90s to new Christian music releases. My prayer is that God will use the music to set people free. I do this to love others in the name of our Lord. Love can change the world. God is Love.

Approaching my 60s, I have been soul-searching much more in prayer. Many of us ask ourselves what our purpose in life is. Why are we here? My answer brings me peace and joy beyond belief. My purpose in living is to love. I was created to evangelize the name of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the blessings, joys, and gifts God has placed in my life such as faith, family, and friends. Christian music is one of my greatest joys. I like to express the music through visuals and videos I make for the music.

May God bless you, your family, and your friends. Thank you for your love and generosity.


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Pastor David Benic