Scripture-Inspired Christian Gifts To Point Others To Jesus

Christian-themed wall art, home decor, apparel, and more to share your faith. Biblical-inspired designs. Quality Christian decor and religious gifts.

Hello there. I'm David Benic, founder of Thankfully Christian. God created our family out of the love that we are called to share with others. Thankfully Christian was born in 2019, and although our ministry has changed over the years, our purpose is to point others to Jesus.

Since our inception, Thankfully Christian has been a ministry that enjoys Christian Music as a discipleship tool to point others to Jesus. In the early days, our website was designed to share Christian music and offered Christian T-shirts to support the ministry. Then when the COVID Pandemic arose, we added an online church component with weekly online church services. As time passed, we found that Christian music videos were the main reason visitors showed up, and many preferred Youtube and Facebook to view them. So we pointed our website to Youtube after that and focused on social media for the ministry.

David Benic, founder of Thankfully Christian
As I continue to pray and live the will of God, I found I not only enjoy Christian music, but I enjoy Christian art, imagery, and design. I use those gifts when making music videos for Christian artists, and I feel a calling to do more to help others point those they meet to Christ. At the same time, I realize this ministry needs to be more than self-funded. For these reasons, God's love and prayers led me to open the Thankfully Christian store.