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CC Online Church Is Now Thankfully Christian Ministries

CC Online Church Is Now Thankfully Christian Ministries

in News & Updates on October 19, 2021

I love Jesus more than anything. He never lets me go, even if I wanted Him to. At the beginning of this ministry, I created CC Online Church before COVID arrived. Once we were first quarantined, I thought that was perhaps the reason why I was called to create the church website, and it was my purpose. I worked full-time hours to make each weekly church service with videos for Sundays. But, as some of us are broken, I struggled, and I eventually gave up trying to walk His path for me because I felt I was not good enough.

About a year went by. It was a year where God would not let go of me, and my heart ached daily to love Jesus again in ministry. I missed serving our Lord very much but made use of that year to create an avenue first to fund the ministry and support my family. I ended up creating a small vitamin supplement brand called “Compassion Vitamins“. I pray that is enough along with any donations one may have on their heart for this ministry to support it.

Jesus gave me the strength to survive the storm now at the end of 2021 I am back full-time in ministry operating Thankfully Christian Ministries. Our mission is to shine the light of Christ with the joy of Christian Mini-Movies, Modern Contemporary Christian Music, and Christian Videos. We feature the best in over 3,500 top Christian Songs. We see music and video as an incredible opportunity to engage people with the message of Jesus Christ. Once you invite Jesus in as your Savior, He will do the rest. We share Christian media that inspires and keeps you focused on Christ so you can have those conversations with Him. As He leads you to read the Bible you will hear His words in the text, and you will begin to see and hear Jesus in all things of life. God is Love. Thankfully Christian Ministries has a simple passion: To share the love of Christ.