Over 3,500 Top Christian Songs On Apple Apple Music Christian Playlists

Apple Music Christian Playlists

Since the 1990’s I listen to Christian Music daily. My collection was on CD at first, but I moved to song files when I became a professional Christian DJ. Many of the Christian songs I enjoy are out-of-print and not available on streaming. Today is a world of Android or Apple, which is where most people enjoy their music. I tried both but ended up with Apple Music. I have hundreds of hours into Christian Apple Music playlists and present them all here for you to enjoy. Enjoy over 3,500 top Christian songs in the best genres:

  • New Releases In Christian Music
  • Christian Contemporary Pop Music
  • Christian Electronic Dance Music
  • Christian Rap & HipHop Music
  • Christian Rock Music
  • Praise and Worship Music
  • Christian Christmas Music