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Thankfully Christian Ministries spins the very best in Contemporary Christian Music. We want to represent Christian songs only from Christian bands and artists that released songs rivaling popular mainstream secular music. David Benic is creating a showcase of CCM in Christian music genres such as CEDM (Christian Dance), Christian Rap, Christian Rock, and Christian Pop. We love Contemporary Worship Music and Christian songs about the Christian life.

We like to move our feet and shake our heads to fast-paced Christian songs. If we slow it down now and then, the song stands out sonically and vocally and draws profound emotion. We showcase music from every decade including new Christian music releases. Many Christian music videos are created with moving visuals provided by Thankfully Christian Ministries. In the 1990s David was a full-time Christian DJ. Now once again in the 2020s, David is back at spinning the best in Christian music. We invite you to join us.

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Mini-movies are short and to the point. More than that, the short Christian videos we post are incredibly moving with imagery and the message. Many are seen in church services across the country.

Top Christian Music On Spotify & Apple

Every New Release Friday I am up early morning listening to every new Christian music release for the week. After reviewing upwards of 100 Christian new releases, I end up with the top Christian music. If it sounds great and moves me closer to Christ I add it here. I feature mostly upbeat tracks.

Many of the Christian songs I enjoy are out-of-print and not available on streaming and found on our youtube channel. For the songs found on Spotify & Apple Music, I compiled “Best Of” playlists for you. Enjoy upbeat Christian music in these Christian music genres:

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  • Top Christian Pop CCM
  • Top Christian Rock
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  • Top Christian Christmas Music
  • Top New Christian Music Releases

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