Thankfully Christian Ministries shines the light of Christ with the joy of Christian Mini-Movies, Modern Contemporary Christian Music, and Christian Videos. Our purpose is to share the Love of Jesus.

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Featuring Christian Music on YouTube & Apple, Mini Movies, and Videos of Poetry, Spoken Word, Prayer, and Sermons

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We see music and video as an incredible opportunity to engage people with the message of Jesus Christ. Once you invite Jesus in as your Savior, He will do the rest. We share Christian media that inspires and keeps you focused on Christ so you can have those conversations with Him. As He leads you to read the Bible you will hear His words in the text, and you will begin to see and hear Jesus in all things of life. God is Love. Thankfully Christian Ministries has a simple mission: To share the love of Christ.

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YouTube Video & Apple Music Song Formats Top Christian Music Mainstream Hits

Sit back and close your eyes. Put on the headphones or relax in front of the stereo. Let everything in your life drift out of your mind. It is time to let go and let God. Christian music is a gift to share with others and a great way to express your love for Christ. I pray the music moves you closer to God as you pray. Let the tears run down. Let the humor make you laugh. Let the beat make you dance, and the Rock make you roll. Lift it all up to the Lord with hand-selected, top Christian music hits and new Christian music releases. Thankfully Christian features only the best in mainstream Christian music. Available in YouTube videos and Apple Music song formats.

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Christian Music On YouTube

Featuring Christian music on our Thankfully Christian YouTube channel that is hand-selected by Pastor David for that crisp, polished sound. Enjoy top Christian songs in the best genres such as CEDM, Pop, Rap, Dance, CCM, Remixes, and Praise & Worship music. Many Christian music videos are lyric videos featuring song lyrics that scroll along with the music, and other music videos have reactive imagery that responds to the beat of the music. All versions of our Christian music videos were uniquely created by Pastor David with approval.

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  • Christian Contemporary Music Videos
  • Christian Electronic Dance Music Videos
  • Christian Music Long Play DJ Mix Videos
  • Christian Christmas Holiday Music Videos
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Christian Music On Apple

Since the 1990’s I listen to Christian Music daily. My collection was on CD at first, but I moved to song files when I became a professional Christian DJ. Many of the Christian songs I enjoy are out-of-print and not available on streaming. Today is a world of Android or Apple, which is where most people enjoy their music. I tried both but ended up with Apple Music. I have hundreds of hours into Christian Apple Music playlists and present them all here for you to enjoy. Listen to over 3,500 top Christian songs in the best genres.

  • Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
  • Christian Pop Songs
  • Christian Rock Songs
  • Christian Rap Songs
  • Christian Hip-Hop Songs
  • Praise & Worship Music
  • Christian Electronic Dance Music (CEDM)
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Christian Mini Movies, Videos of Poetry, Spoken Word, Prayer, and Sermons

Mini-movies are nice because they are short and to the point. More than that, the short Christian videos we post are incredibly moving with imagery and the message. Many are seen in church services across the country. Some of the sermon and prayer videos were created by Pastor David in the early days when Thankfully Christian Ministries was known as CC Online Church. Check out our video page!

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